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Fotograf Krakow

In our photography we always try to discern the beauty that is in each of us, this aura of magic that surrounds your love. We focus on capturing authentic moments - gestures, glances, emotions. And all we expect from you is simply to be yourself, to express your feelings, emotions, emotions, and to forget about our presence! In this way we will create magical images that will permanently fix your memories. We care about the wedding photography that we do for you, it was more than just wedding photos. Since we have decided that photography will be the main content of our lives, it has been almost ten years. Since then, we have not regretted this decision for a while. And we continue to learn that the mind, the heart, the eye in our work tools are more important than the most perfect instruments and lenses. Photography is the way we live. Fotograf Kraków.We are happy people, because our profession is our passion, and our passion is our profession. What more do you want? Wedding photography - Wedding reportage - is wedding photos that are created throughout the day. Preparations for the Lady and the Groom, a solemn wedding ceremony in a church or civil registry, followed by a grand or intimate wedding reception. We usually finish work after midnight, before the first hour. On this day, at every stage of our work, we try to make the photos we make are natural and unique. In this way, a souvenir is created for you, which will let you once again experience these magical moments on every anniversary of your wedding, and for your children and grandchildren will be an important part of family tradition. We live and live in Cracow, but we would be happy to take your wedding anywhere in Europe or around the world. Outdoor session, wedding session - on the wedding day we can make a short outdoor session somewhere near the place of the wedding reception. But much better and this is what we do most often, is to do it another day than the wedding day. We can then choose any location regardless of distance. It may be Krakow or its environs, the Tatras, the Baltic beaches, but we would also like to go with you to Tuscany or Paris. Wherever you dream. You always have to remember that the main characters of the session are you and your own feelings. In addition to the wedding session, we can also make an engagement session before the wedding.

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